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The Coleman Company has long been known for its quality coolers, tents and lanterns, not to mention numerous other camping supplies and accessories. Having been established in 1900, Coleman has a long history of quality products for campers, backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. This quality has echoed through the past 114 years to the present day. Coleman camping gear has set the standard for nearly all camping gear on the market.

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The Coleman brand name has become synonymous with high quality gear. Chances are good that anyone who went camping as a kid was using a Coleman product or two. The company has kept its quality standards high throughout the years and all their camping gear meets the same stringent requirements to this day. In fact, the quality controls that are in place at Coleman assure customers of the best built gear.

Coleman Quality

A perfect example of the Coleman quality is the Coleman coolers. Coleman was the first to come out with the plastic cooler that is so popular today. The amount of research that went into adding features that are both useful and practical is amazing. Quality comes in the form of coolers with built-in scales for weighing fish as well as recessed faucets that have an immediate shutoff to avoid leaking or dripping after closure.

Reliable Camping Gear


Reliability is another reason so many people choose Coleman products. The camping supplies produced are consistently reliable and withstand the rigors of outdoor use quite well. The company performs extensive research on each product before it is put on the market. This ensures the most reliably cold coolers and waterproof tents (among other gear) available.

Even quality camping gear will not last forever, no matter how well built it may be. However, Coleman doesn’t leave their customers hanging; they offer all types of troubleshooting help on their website. They even have replacement parts for nearly all of their products so gear can quickly and easily be repaired and made camping ready in no time. Unlike some of the other camping supply companies out there, Coleman stands behind their products and is genuinely helpful to their customers.

Innovative Outdoor Gear

Ever wanted hot water when camping? Up until now, hot water at a campsite has taken a rather lengthy parade of steps to achieve. With Coleman brand camping tools innovations this is no longer the case. They have developed an on-demand, portable water heater that is light weight, easy to use and provides hot water within seconds. It can provide the equivalent of 40 gallons of hot water on one small propane cylinder.

With a long history of high quality, reliable and innovative products, it becomes clear why Coleman camping gear is so popular among many outdoor enthusiasts. When gearing up for that weekend get-away, the annual family vacation or hunting trip, don’t overlook what Coleman has to offer. There is no sense in buying camping supplies that are disposable when superior gear can be purchased for nearly the same cost.